To use the power of human relationships to invite safety and healing into the lives of those who need it the most.




To empower children, young people and families from all walks of life to connect with their own strengths and expertise so as to live life with confidence, competence and joy.



INNOVATION: We are committed to being creative, to dream big and challenge the ‘norm’ so as to deliver services that are flexible and person-oriented.


ACT WITH INTENTION: We understand that all words and actions have an effect on those around us. We will speak with kindness and act with empathy to ensure that our services are received in the manner in which they are intended, with respect and with a shared--goal in mind.


RESPECT: We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty, compassion and integrity. We will value the expertise that are inherent in all of us and celebrate the differences that make us unique.


ADVOCACY: We are committed to standing up against any and every type of discrimination. We will use the power of our voices to promote social justice as we believe that an act of injustice towards ‘one’ is an act injustice  against us all.


EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE: Our work is directly informed by research and evidence on the impact of abuse, neglect, discrimination and inter-generational trauma on the lives of those who have survived these injustices. We are committed to being invested in the latest evidence-based practices to assist those in their journey of healing. 


Impact is a not-for-profit community service organisation. Your donation will help Impact continue to deliver a range of services to those in need.

Level 1 / Suite 7

133-135 Beaumont St 

Hamilton NSW 2303 

Phone:  (+612) 4969 6999


Suite 1b, Level 2

331 High St

Penrith NSW 2750

Phone: (+612) 4761 0574

Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm AEST.

Please note that operating hours on public holidays, are 10:00am to 2:00pm.

Accredited by
the Office of the Children's Guardian

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