At Impact, we ALL share the responsibility for child safety.

Impact provides residential therapeutic care for children and young people who usually have experienced complex and trans-generational trauma, multiple family and placement breakdowns, and are disengaged from their communities and social institutions.

The focus of Impact's therapeutic care model is to enable children and young people to recover and go on to live happy and productive lives and to transition into foster or kinship care, restoration to family or independent living.

Since our inception in 2002. our vision has been to build the self-esteem of young people, who may have had a history of abuse and neglect, by offering a range of youth and family support services to the broader community.

The organisation successfully integrates accepted practices of intervention, while striving for innovation and creativity, to enhance intellectual, emotional, social and practical development.


Programs are accessible to those in need, and flexible in service delivery, to minimise any barriers to participation and success for those in need.

Impact is not ONE person. The great outcomes we have achieved over the years are a result of the dedication, commitment and hard work of everyone who has been involved, from Therapeutic Care Workers to Senior Management, via the admin staff and maintenance team.


At Impact, we ALL share the responsibility for child safety.